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The Periodico di Mineralogia is an open access journal that covers all aspects of Mineralogy, Crystallography, Geochemistry, Ore deposits, Petrology, Volcanology, and applied topics on Environment, Archaeometry and Cultural Heritage. It publishes regular research articles, reviews, and short communications. The journal aim is to encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible. Therefore, there is no restriction on article length. Additional data may be hosted on the web sites as "supplementary materials". Color print is free of cost. Short publication time is assured.

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Vol 83, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


Geochemistry of the Late Mesozoic - Early Cenozoic turbidites from the NE part of the Adria Plate PDF
Angelo De Min, Francesco Princivalle, Davide Lenaz
External milli-beam PIXE analysis of the mineral pigments of glazed Iznik (Turkey) ceramics PDF
Bogdan Constantinescu, Daniela Cristea-Stan, Imre Kovács, Zoltán Szőkefalvi-Nagy
Mineralogical Phase Transition on Sandwich-like Structure of Clinky Pottery from Parthian Period, Iran PDF
Somayeh Noghani, Mohammadamin Emami
Cappadocian ignimbrite cave churches: stone degradation and conservation strategies PDF
Mauro Francesco La Russa, Silvestro Antonio Ruffolo, Natalia Rovella, Cristina Maria Belfiore, Paola Pogliani, Claudia Pelosi, Maria Andaloro, Gino Mirocle Crisci
Gem-quality rhodonite from Val Malenco (Central Alps, Italy) PDF
Valeria Diella, Ilaria Adamo, Rosangela Bocchio
Potentially toxic element contamination in waste rocks, soils and wild floraat the Roşia Montană mining area (Romania) PDF
Luisa De Capitani, Giovanni Grieco, Silvia Porro, Elena Ferrari, Enrica Roccotiello, Pietro Marescotti
Oxidation degree of chromite from Indian ophiolites: a crystal chemical and 57Fe Mössbauer study PDF
Davide Lenaz, Giovanni Battista Andreozzi, Maibam Bidyananda, Francesco Princivalle
PT-path reconstruction via unraveling of peculiar zoning pattern in atoll shaped garnets via image assisted analysis: an example from the Santa Lucia del Mela garnet micaschists (northeastern Sicily-Italy) PDF
Gaetano Ortolano, Roberto Visalli, Rosolino Cirrincione, Gisella Rebay