Mortars and plasters from the Bruttii - Roman city of Tauriana (Palmi - RC) - preliminary data

Rossella Agostino, Germana Barone, Paolo Mazzoleni, Simona Raneri, Giuseppe Sabatino, Maria Maddalena Sica


In this work we present the results of the analysis of twelve plaster and mortar samples taken from the siteof Tauriana (Palmi – RC), an important Bruttii - Roman city. Two different construction phases of thecity are investigated referred to Bruttii (IV - I B.C.) and Roman (I B.C. - IV A.D.) presences. The studiedmaterials were collected from different architectonical structures and characterized by means of opticalmicroscopy (OM) and SEM/EDS. The study allowed to obtain interesting information about theevolutions in this chronological lap of production technology of plasters and mortars used in the differentarchitectural structures. Furthermore the petrographic observations allowed to determine the provenanceof raw materials.


Tauriana; plaster; mortar; archaeometry; SEM-EDS; Bruttii tribe

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