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Geochemistry and tectonic setting of the Upper Cretaceous volcanics from Capo San Vito Peninsula (Western Sicily, Italy)

Davide Romano, Marcella Di Bella, Francesco Italiano, Giuseppe Sabatino, Fabio Leonetti, Alessandro Tripodo


Petrological and geochemical data of the Upper Cretaceous volcanic rocks from northwestern Sicily are here reported with the aim to provide new information about the African paleo-margin magmatic activity before the onset of the Alpine Orogeny. The studied alkaline basalts and basanites/nephelinites crop out as pillow breccias interbedded within the carbonate platform sequence of the Capo San Vito Peninsula. Abundances and ratios of incompatible elements resemble OIB-type volcanics from intraplate environment. They were generated from a low partial melting degree of a mantle source located in the transition zone between garnet- and spinel-lherzolite fields. Comparison with literature data of the coeval Hyblean volcanics show similar geochemical features of a plausible common source for the anorogenic magmas involved in their genesis. The Cretaceous magmatism of the S. Vito Lo Capo Peninsula is the result of magmatic intrusions in response to the extensional tectonic regime of the African plate northern edge.

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