Accepted Papers

Gioacchino Tempesta, Carlo Porfido, Michele Bellino, Alessandro Monno
The “Exultet 1” of Bari: multi-methodological approach for the study of a rare medieval parchment roll
DOI: 10.2451/2018PM753


Paolo Ballirano, Andrea Bloise, Carlo Cremisini, Elisa Nardi, Maria Rita Montereali, Alessandro Pacella
Thermally induced behavior of the K-exchanged erionite: a further step in understanding the structural modifications of the erionite group upon heating
DOI: 10.2451/2018PM769


Fuat Yavuz and Demet Kıran Yıldırım
A Windows program for pyroxene-liquid thermobarometry
DOI: 10.2451/2018PM787 

Marilda Osmani, Aida Bani, Fran Gjoka, Dolia Pavlova, Peçi Naqellari, Edmira Shahu, Irena Duka, Guillaume Echevarria
The natural plant colonization of ultramafc post-mining area of Përrenjas, Albania
DOI: 10.2451/2018PM729


Abdullah Mahmoud Ahmed Kamel, Ahmed Abo El-yamin
Chemical and physical characterization of mortars and plasters from a Coptic paternoster: new excavation in the temple of Ptolemy XII, Sheikh Hamad, Athribis, Sohag, Egypt
DOI: 10.2451/2018PM765 


Alessandro Pacella, Giovanni B. Andreozzi, Ingrid Corazzari, Maura Tomatis, Francesco Turci Surface reactivity of amphibole asbestos: A comparison between two tremolite samples with different surface area
DOI: 10.2451/2018PM791