Accepted Papers

Dicle Bal Akkoca and Ümit Işık
Geochemistry of Paleozoic Dadaş Shales from the Foreland of Southeastern Turkey, Bismil, Diyarbakır
DOI: 10.2451/2018PM683


Laura Medeghini, Caterina De Vito, Fulvio Coletti, Angelica Govi, Lucilla Fabrizi,
Melania Di Fazio, Silvano Mignardi
Glazed roman ceramic: a multi-analytical approach
DOI: 10.2451/2018PM781


Stefano Merlino, Cristian Biagioni
Tuhualite revisited: new crystal data and structurerefinements on specimens from two localities
DOI: 10.2451/2018PM807


Akmal A. Sakr, Mohamed F. Ghaly, Mahmoud E.F. Abdel-Haliem
Microbial kaolinization of granite stones within the tomb of the King Oserkon II, Tanis, Lower Egypt
DOI: 10.2451/2018PM709


Fabrizio Tursi, Vincenzo Festa, Annamaria Fornelli, Francesca Micheletti, Richard Spiess
Syn-shearing mobility of major elements in ductile shear zones: state of the art for felsic deformed protoliths
DOI: 10.2451/2018PM811 


Fuat Yavuz and Demet Kıran Yıldırım
A Windows program for calculation and classification of epidote–supergroup minerals
DOI: 10.2451/2018PM808


Farkhondeh Khademi, Abbas Asiabanha, John Foden, Zeinab Davoodi
Extensional magmatism in a continental collision zone, Tafresh area, western central Iran: structural, geochemical and mineralogical considerations
DOI: 10.2451/2019PM822 


Parvaneh Ehsani Nasab, Farhad Ehya
Mineralogy and magnetite trace element geochemistry of the Niyasar iron ore deposit, Esfahan Province, Iran
DOI: 10.2451/2019PM838 


Gabriele Cruciani, Dario Fancello, Marcello Franceschelli
Occurrence of albitite from Capo Malfatano, SW Sardinia: first report, characterization from mineralogy and whole-rock geochemistry