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Vol 85, No 1 (2016) Identification of the chromophores in Corallium rubrum gem quality corals by HPLC/UV, ESI-MS and 1H NMR spectroscopy Abstract   PDF
Silvia Bracco, Pietro Fumagalli, Paola Fusi, Carlo Santambrogio, Vanda Rolandi, Anna Brajkovic
Vol 80, No 1 (2011) In situ high-temperature X-ray powder diffraction study of the synthetic Ca2Sb2O7 weberite-type compound Abstract   FULL TEXT
Laura Chelazzi, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran, Luca Bindi, Paola Bonazzi
Vol 80, No 3 (2011): Special Issue in memory of Prof. Enrico FRANCO INDEX TO VOLUME 80 Details   PDF
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Vol 82, No 3 (2013): (Special issue) Ancient and Modern Mortars in Cultural Heritage INDEX TO VOLUME 82 Details   PDF
Antonio Gianfagna
Vol 83, No 3 (2014) INDEX TO VOLUME 83 - 2014 Details   PDF
Maurizio SALVATI
Vol 82, No 1 (2013): (Special Issue) Mineralogical Applications on Environments, Archaeometry and Cultural Heritage Influence of soil mineralogy and chemistry on fungi and plants in a waste-rock dump from the Libiola mine (eastern Liguria, Italy) Abstract   PDF
Pietro Marescotti, Enrica Roccotiello, Mirca Zotti, Luisa De Capitani, Cristina Carbone, Eva Azzali, Mauro G. Mariotti, Gabriella Lucchetti
Vol 82, No 3 (2013): (Special issue) Ancient and Modern Mortars in Cultural Heritage Investigation about ancient mortars and plasters in the Mondovì cathedral (Cuneo, Italy) Abstract   PDF
Maria Elena Moschella, Walter Canavesio, Mariano Cristellotti, Emanuele Costa
Vol 82, No 2 (2013) Investigation on the gemological, physical and compositional properties of some opals from Slovakia ("Hungarian" opals) Abstract   PDF
Luigi Marinoni, Alberto Leone, Ilaria Adamo
Vol 84, No 1 (2015): (Special Issue) EMAC 2013 Iranian Bowl from Biliar: Complex Research and Conservation Abstract   PDF
Svetlana Valiulina, Tatiana Shlykova
Vol 83, No 3 (2014) Iron Age silicate slags from Val Malenco (Italy): the role of textural and compositional studies in the reconstruction of smelting conditions Abstract   PDF
Fabio Giacometti, Gisella Rebay, Maria Pia Riccardi, Serena Chiara Tarantino, Costanza Cuccini Tizzoni, Marco Tizzoni
Vol 85, No 2 (2016) Is it possible to cultivate corn in a sustainable way using a quarry waste? Abstract   PDF
Dario Di Giuseppe, Giacomo Ferretti, Barbara Faccini, Emanuele Blasi, Nicolò Passeri, Gianluca Bianchini, Massimo Coltorti
Vol 80, No 3 (2011): Special Issue in memory of Prof. Enrico FRANCO Karst bauxites in the Campania Apennines (southern Italy): a new approach Abstract   PDF
Nicola Mondillo, Giuseppina Balassone, Maria Boni, Gavyn Rollinson
Vol 86, No 1 (2017) Khirbet al-Batrawy ceramics: a systematic mineralogical and petrographic study for investigating the material culture Abstract   PDF
Laura Medeghini, Lorenzo Nigro
Vol 80, No 1 (2011) Laboratory parallel-beam transmission X-ray powder diffraction investigation of the thermal behavior of calcite: comparison with X-ray single-crystal and synchrotron powder diffraction data Abstract   FULL TEXT
Paolo Ballirano
Vol 85, No 2 (2016) Landscape construction in southern Sardinia in the 4th Millennium BC: an approach using clay procurement Abstract   PDF   Table S1
Daniel Albero Santacreu, Maria Grazia Melis, Guillem Mateu Vicens
Vol 80, No 3 (2011): Special Issue in memory of Prof. Enrico FRANCO Late-Hercynian post-collisional dyke magmatism in central Calabria (Serre Massif, southern Italy) Abstract   PDF
Vanessa Romano, Rosolino Cirrincione, Patrizia Fiannacca, Michele Lustrino, Annunziata Tranchina
Vol 86, No 1 (2017) Late-magmatic neptunite in composite peralkaline granite-syenite nodules within a Pleistocene basalt (Bulhary, Slovakia) Abstract   Tables S1-S5   PDF
Monika Huraiová, Patrik Konečný, Ivan Holický, Ondrej Nemec, Stanislava Milovská, Vratislav Hurai
Vol 84, No 3A (2015): (Special Issue) YOCOCU 2014 LIBS and XRF analysis for a stratigraphic study of pictorial multilayer surfaces Abstract   PDF
Maria Francesca Alberghina, Rosita Barraco, Maria Brai, Dorotea Fontana, Luigi Tranchina
Vol 82, No 3 (2013): (Special issue) Ancient and Modern Mortars in Cultural Heritage Lime-based mortars with linseed oil: sodium chloride resistance assessment and characterization of the degraded material Abstract   PDF
Cristiana Lara Paulos Nunes, Zuzana Slížková, Dana Křivánková
Vol 84, No 1 (2015): (Special Issue) EMAC 2013 Lustre and glazed ceramic collection from Mas Llorens, 16th-17th centuries (Salt, Girona) Provenance and technology Abstract   PDF
Judit Molera, Javier Iñañez, Glòria Molina, Josep Burch, Michael D. Glascock, Trinitat Pradell
Vol 80, No 1 (2011) Magnetic properties and cation ordering in two synthetic bornite samples, Cu5(Fe, Mn)S4 Abstract   FULL TEXT
Miria Borgheresi, Francesco Di Benedetto, Andrea Caneschi, Maurizio Romanelli, David J. Vaughan
Vol 87, No 2 (2018) Major-trace elements geochemical characterization, geochronology and radiogenic isotopesg of Eocene magmatic rocks in Anique, Qaradagh pluton, NW Iran Abstract   PDF
Shohreh Hassanpour, Ghahraman Sohrabi
Vol 81, No 3 (2012) May the use of Italian volcanic zeolite-rich tuffs as additives in animal diet represent a risk for the human health? Abstract   PDF
Mariano Mercurio, Alessio Langella, Piergiulio Cappelletti, Bruno de Gennaro, Vincenzo Monetti, Maurizio de' Gennaro
Vol 80, No 3 (2011): Special Issue in memory of Prof. Enrico FRANCO Memorial of Enrico Franco Details   PDF
Giuseppina Balassone, Maria Rosaria Ghiara, Maurizio de Gennaro
Vol 80, No 1 (2011) Memorial of Sergio Lucchesi Abstract
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