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Vol 80, No 1 (2011) Magnetic properties and cation ordering in two synthetic bornite samples, Cu5(Fe, Mn)S4 Abstract   FULL TEXT
Miria Borgheresi, Francesco Di Benedetto, Andrea Caneschi, Maurizio Romanelli, David J. Vaughan
Vol 87, No 2 (2018) Major-trace elements geochemical characterization, geochronology and radiogenic isotopesg of Eocene magmatic rocks in Anique, Qaradagh pluton, NW Iran Abstract   PDF
Shohreh Hassanpour, Ghahraman Sohrabi
Vol 81, No 3 (2012) May the use of Italian volcanic zeolite-rich tuffs as additives in animal diet represent a risk for the human health? Abstract   PDF
Mariano Mercurio, Alessio Langella, Piergiulio Cappelletti, Bruno de Gennaro, Vincenzo Monetti, Maurizio de' Gennaro
Vol 80, No 3 (2011): Special Issue in memory of Prof. Enrico FRANCO Memorial of Enrico Franco Details   PDF
Giuseppina Balassone, Maria Rosaria Ghiara, Maurizio de Gennaro
Vol 80, No 1 (2011) Memorial of Sergio Lucchesi Abstract
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Vol 83, No 1 (2014) Mercury-arsenic sulfosalts from Apuan Alps (Tuscany, Italy). II. Aktashite, Cu6Hg3As4S12, and laffittite, AgHgAsS3, from the Monte Arsiccio mine: occurrence and crystal structure Abstract   PDF
Cristian Biagioni, Elena Bonaccorsi, Yves Moëlo, Paolo Orlandi
Vol 87, No 3 (2018) Microbial kaolinization of granite stones within the tomb of the King Oserkon II, Tanis, Lower Egypt Abstract   PDF
Akmal A. Sakr, Mohamed F. Ghaly, Mahmoud E.F. Abdel-Haliem
Vol 84, No 3A (2015): (Special Issue) YOCOCU 2014 Microcracking of granite feldspar during thermal artificial processes Abstract   PDF
David Martín Freire-Lista, Luz Stella Gomez-Villalba, Rafael Fort
Vol 81, No 2 (2012) Mineral composition of the airborne particles in the coal dust and fly ash of the Kolubara basin (Serbia) Abstract   PDF
Željko Cvetković, Mihovil Logar, Aleksandra Rosić, Aleksandra Ćirić
Vol 80, No 3 (2011): Special Issue in memory of Prof. Enrico FRANCO Mineral compositions and magmatic evolution of the calcalkaline rocks of northwestern Sardinia, Italy Abstract   PDF
Vincenza Guarino, Lorenzo Fedele, Luigi Franciosi, Roberto Lonis, Michele Lustrino, Marianna Marrazzo, Leone Melluso, Vincenzo Morra, Ivana Rocco, Fiorenzo Ronga
Vol 81, No 3 (2012) Mineralogical and chemical investigations on the ceramic technology in Čoġā Zanbil (Iran, 1250 BC) Abstract   PDF
Mohammadamin Emami, Reinhard Trettin
Vol 80, No 3 (2011): Special Issue in memory of Prof. Enrico FRANCO Mineralogical and geochemical characterization of the concotto artefacts from firing places of Longola protohistoric settlement (Naples) Abstract   PDF
Giovanni Di Maio, Giuseppina Balassone, Embaie Ferrow, Donatella Barca, Angela Mormone, Carmela Petti, Nicola Mondillo
Vol 83, No 2 (2014) Mineralogical Phase Transition on Sandwich-like Structure of Clinky Pottery from Parthian Period, Iran Abstract   PDF
Somayeh Noghani, Mohammadamin Emami
Vol 85, No 2 (2016) Mineralogy and genetic characteristics of the Rudnik Pb-Zn/Cu,Ag,Bi,W polymetallic deposit (Central Serbia) - New occurrence of Pb(Ag)Bi sulfosalts Abstract   PDF
Jovica Stojanovic, Ana Radosavljević-Mihajlović, Slobodan Radosavljević, Nikola Vuković, Aleksandar Pačevski
Vol 88, No 1 (2019) Mineralogy and magnetite trace element geochemistry of the Niyasar iron ore deposit, Esfahan Province, Iran Abstract   PDF
Farhad Ehya, Parvaneh Ehsani Nasab
Vol 85, No 2 (2016) Mineralogy and petrology of the metasedimentary rocks from the Frido Unit (southern Apennines, Italy) Abstract   PDF
Giovanna Rizzo, Maria Teresa Cristi Sansone, Francesco Perri, Salvatore Laurita
Vol 84, No 2 (2015) Minero-petrographic and isotopic characterization of two antique marble quarries in the Deni̇zli̇ region (western Anatolia, Turkey) Abstract   PDF
Tamer Koralay, Sanem Kılınçarslan
Vol 84, No 1 (2015): (Special Issue) EMAC 2013 Mobility of men versus mobility of goods: archaeometric characterization of Middle Bronze Age pottery in Malta and Sicily (15th-13th century BC) Abstract   PDF
Simona Raneri, Germana Barone, Paolo Mazzoleni, Davide Tanasi, Emanuele Costa
Vol 81, No 1 (2012) Morphological, chemical and mineralogical characterization of deterioration products from the tomb of Kheruef (TT192), (Luxor, Egypt) Abstract   PDF
Hussein Hassan Marey Mahmoud
Vol 82, No 3 (2013): (Special issue) Ancient and Modern Mortars in Cultural Heritage Mortars and plasters from the Bruttii - Roman city of Tauriana (Palmi - RC) - preliminary data Abstract   PDF
Rossella Agostino, Germana Barone, Paolo Mazzoleni, Simona Raneri, Giuseppe Sabatino, Maria Maddalena Sica
Vol 81, No 3 (2012) Natural radioactivity and dose assessment of granitic rocks from the Atticocycladic Zone (Greece) Abstract   PDF
Argyrios Papadopoulos, Georgios Christofides, Antonios Koroneos, Stylianos Stoulos, Constantinos Papastefanou
Vol 88, No 1 (2019) Occurrence of albitite from Capo Malfatano, SW Sardinia: first report, characterization from mineralogy and whole-rock geochemistry Abstract   PDF
Gabriele Cruciani, Dario Fancello, Marcello Franceschelli
Vol 87, No 1 (2018) On the potential effect of micronized zeolites on seed germination: a prospective study Abstract   PDF
Dario Di Giuseppe, Jordi Ibáñez, Massimiliano Melchiorre, Massimo Coltorti
Vol 84, No 1 (2015): (Special Issue) EMAC 2013 Organic residues analysis of Late Antique pottery from Plaça Major-Horts de Can Torras (Castellar del Vallés, Catalonia) Abstract   PDF
Fernanda Inserra, Alessandra Pecci, Miguel Angel Cau Ontiveros, Jordi Roig Buxó
Vol 83, No 2 (2014) Oxidation degree of chromite from Indian ophiolites: a crystal chemical and 57Fe Mössbauer study Abstract   PDF
Davide Lenaz, Giovanni Battista Andreozzi, Maibam Bidyananda, Francesco Princivalle
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